Tuesday, April 10, 2012

eTOTALplan Introduces New iPhone Application

eTOTALplan is pleased to announce the release of eTrack, a new stand-alone GPS application for iPhone and iPad users.

eTrack Application for iPhone and iPad
The eTrack application for iPhone and iPad is a unique product that can be used as a stand-alone application or integrated with eTOTALplan’s existing smart technology,” said Kristian Jensen, Co-Founder and CEO of eTOTALplan. “eTrack’s customizable, mobile programming will impact the way companies do business by giving both managers and employees remote access to critical information using their smartphone or tablet. This application is ideal for any business managing a mobile workforce, including outside sales, contractors, home healthcare, delivery drivers and fleet managers.” 

The eTrack stand-alone Application for iPhone and iPad leverages eTOTALplan’s existing technology in a customizable, mobile suite. eTrack enables managers and employees to capture and validate critical information whether employees are at their desks or on-the-go. Managers can spend more time running their operation, while employees gain easy access to important aspects of their work life from the mobile devices they already use. 

How eTrack Works 

Remote Access to Forms
The first company to implement this new technology, Concierge For You, a leading Personal Services Agency, will utilize eTrack to track and manage their mobile staff, otherwise known as Concierge. As Concierge, staff members are responsible for providing in-home care for seniors who are unable to care for themselves.The process begins when the family member creates a visitation schedule and selects services based on their loved one’s needs. Next, the Concierge will create a custom form that includes a list of duties to be performed during the visit. This form is then stored in their mobile device where they are able check off each task and obtain a signature from the client, indicating that all services have been completed. In addition, each Concierge will also sign the form and take a picture of their client as further evidence that they have completed their tasks to the client’s satisfaction. Prior to exiting the residence, the Concierge will email the form, along with the picture, to an approved list of friends and family – assuring them that their loved one is in good hands.  

GPS Technology Valuable For Companies On The Move 

GPS Tracking Technology
In addition to the customized form, eTrack includes a mobile tracking device that automatically reports all mileage to payroll and enables administrators to verify the Concierge’s location and time spent with each client. By implementing a GeoFence coordinate around each client’s home, the application can automatically track the Concierge as he or she enters and exits the property. Each time the Concierge encounters a new GeoFence, eTrack will remind them to clock in or out of their assignment, enabling them to track their hours more efficiently. 

eTrack is available for digital delivery through eTOTALplan.com or call 855.538.6825 for more information.

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