Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Importance of Volunteer Scheduling Software

Volunteer Registration for Surfers for Autism is Now Open
One of the most daunting tasks for any volunteer coordinator is keeping track of volunteers’ hours. Another is keeping track of any special skills or interests volunteers have and matching them with appropriate tasks and team members for your event. With the need to manage communication, coordinate schedules, and track hours, an efficient volunteer scheduling system is crucial to the execution of successful nonprofit events.

eTOTALplan streamlines this process by tracking volunteers’ availability, shift preferences and skills; resulting in successful fundraising events that are adequately staffed. The web-based scheduling software simplifies volunteer registration by enabling participants to register from anywhere, at anytime, allowing organizers to focus their time on more critical operations.

eTOTALplan is committed to offering services to 501c3 organizations at special reduced rates.    

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Employee Scheduling & Time Clocks

Originally posted on by Sherrie Scott.

An efficient employee scheduling system is an important part of every organization's success, often impacting office productivity, payroll and individual workloads. Administrators who effectively manage employee hours, budgets and overtime, can lower labor costs, improve operations and increase profitability for their business or organization.

Time clocks are an instrument used to track employee hours and are often integrated with scheduling software to ensure employees are available and ready to work at the appropriate times.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 10 Time & Attendance System Budgeting Considerations

Originally posted on by Wallace, Joe Allen.

Planning and budgeting-out a time and attendance system (even for small and mid-sized companies) can take months and an entire team, depending on requirements and goals. If you are equipped with the right information, even the most complex roll-outs can be managed with confidence by your team.

The following suggestions will help you identify important purchase considerations, best practices, and ways to save money when budgeting a new time and attendance system.

10 Essential Time & Attendance System Budgeting Considerations 
1.    Scope of System
·        Number of Employees (Including Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt )
·      Minor/Union Employee Management 

eTOTALplan Touch Screen
2.    Hardware
·      Buddy Punching Problem?
·      Range of Time Clocks Available
·      Mobile Devices
·      Access Control Systems
·      Networked Wall Clocks
·      Barcode Scanners

3.    Managing Multiple Locations & Mobile Employees
·      Systems for Multiple Locations
·      How Many Time Clocks Needed

4.    Advanced Time & Attendance Functionality
·      Support for Larger Company Sizes
·      Benefit Accruals
Tracking Technology
·      Advanced Payment Capability
·      Shift Differentials
·      Pay Classes
·      Task & Labor Tracking
·      Skills & Certifications
·      Automated Alerts
·      Time-Off Management
·      Employee Communication
·      Email Templates
·      Self-Service Employee Portal
·      Mobile Support

5.    Adjunct Systems & HR Shared Services
·      HR Shared Services Best Practices
·      Vendor Lock-in
HR Management
·      Hardware Rental Programs
·      Common Adjunct Systems Include:
o   Advanced Scheduling
o   HR Management Systems
o   Employee Self-Service Portals
o   Access Control
o   Bell or Horn Control
o   Job Tracking
o   Manufacturing Automation 
6.    Delivery Model
·      Licensed Vs. SaaS Time & Attendance
·      Budgeting Considerations by Delivery Model

7.    System Interoperability & Shared Database
·      Beyond Simple File Exports to Payroll
·      Database Synchronization Between Applications
·      Hardware Interoperability
·      Integration Services

8.    Regulatory Compliance
·      FLSA, FMLA, SOX, HIPAA, FairPay Rules, & More
·      Time & Attendance Recordkeeping Requirements

9.    System Integration & Setup
·      Types of Time to be Tracked & Rates
·      Labor Calculation Rules
·      Labor Distribution (Departments, Groups, Positions, etc.)
·      Benefit Accrual Rules
·      Define System Exceptions
·      Employee & Supervisor Security Profiles
·      Schedules
·      Lunch Parameters
·      Holiday Rules
·      Payroll Integration
·      Time Clock & Hardware Communication & Integration
·      Web-Based Clocking Setup
·      Employee Information Database Import
·      Assign Employees to Appropriate Supervisor
·      System Testing
·      Training

10. Support
·      Insurance for Your Investment
·      One Call can Pay for Annual Support
·      How to Budget 

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