Thursday, April 26, 2012

Scheduling Tips for Home Healthcare Employees

Originally posted on by Helen Jain
Professionals that work in home healthcare face challenges with scheduling and can run into problems relating to travel or time tracking. Below are scheduling options that can make home healthcare scheduling more efficient.
Purchase scheduling software. eTOTALplan offers software packages specifically designed for medical professionals or groups that are working in the home healthcare field. 
Allow employees to submit vacation requests using the software or directly to management to enter into the system. The software will automatically keep the nurse or professional free on their requested vacation days once it has been entered into the program. 
Set scheduling parameters. This means the company or hospital sets a standard for nurses or medical professionals to meet, including minimum hours or days, labor laws and union requirements. 
Enter patient information. This information makes it easier to determine each professional's assignments and ensure that professionals are not traveling too far between patients. 
Make a copy of the schedule available for nurses and medical professionals to consult regarding which homes they are going to, where the homes are located, duties to be performed, time limits for patient care and any other information the nurses or medical professionals need. The eTrack mobile application makes this information available via iPhone or iPad, so both management and employees have access to pertinent information whether at their desks or on-the-go.
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