Monday, May 21, 2012

eTrack: How It Works

The eTOTALplan stand alone Application for iPhone and iPad leverages eTOTALplan’s existing technology in a customizable, mobile suite. eTrack enables managers and employees to capture and validate critical information whether employees are at their desks or on-the-go.

Employee Scheduling
Managers create a schedule for each employee incorporating client needs, delivery routes or other factors.

Custom Forms
Employees create a custom form that includes a list of duties to be performed at each client location or stop. The form is then stored in their mobile device where they are able to check off each task, sign the form and obtain a signature from the client, indicating that all services have been completed.

Photo Confirmation and Reporting
Employees are able to take a picture and email the form from their mobile device to show that their assignment is complete.

GPS Tracking Technology
Mileage Calculations: Automatically reports all mileage to payroll.
GeoFence Technology: Tracks employee arrival and departure times with a reminder to clock in and out of assignments.

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