Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sprint Selects eTOTALplan to Manage Workforce Scheduling Needs

eTOTALplan has been selected to provide automated, workforce scheduling for ten Sprint retail stores located throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties, operated by WC Group.

“eTOTALplan’s predictive scheduling platform utilizes a unique algorithm to produce the detailed schedules that Sprint’s multiple locations require,” said Rich Soviero, Vice President, Sales, eTOTALplan. “We look forward to working with WC Group on this endeavor and to helping them efficiently manage their scheduling process.”

WC Group will utilize eTOTALplan to manage its workforce scheduling process for multiple Sprint stores. The web-based scheduling platform will leverage real-time and historical data and enable management to incorporate company-wide labor rules as well as employee qualifications in every schedule, ensuring optimal staffing at each location. Using the online portal, employees will be able to view upcoming shifts as well as any hours previously worked. In addition, employees who work at multiple locations will be able to manage their schedule from anywhere at anytime, from a single access point.

WC Group operates 10 Sprint retail stores throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties that sell and service products for the nation’s third-largest wireless carrier. WC Group employs a workforce of 40 among the 10 South Florida locations.

For more information on utilizing eTOTALplan to manage your workforce scheduling process, visit:

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