Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 10 Time & Attendance System Budgeting Considerations

Originally posted on HR.com by Wallace, Joe Allen.

Planning and budgeting-out a time and attendance system (even for small and mid-sized companies) can take months and an entire team, depending on requirements and goals. If you are equipped with the right information, even the most complex roll-outs can be managed with confidence by your team.

The following suggestions will help you identify important purchase considerations, best practices, and ways to save money when budgeting a new time and attendance system.

10 Essential Time & Attendance System Budgeting Considerations 
1.    Scope of System
·        Number of Employees (Including Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt )
·      Minor/Union Employee Management 

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2.    Hardware
·      Buddy Punching Problem?
·      Range of Time Clocks Available
·      Mobile Devices
·      Access Control Systems
·      Networked Wall Clocks
·      Barcode Scanners

3.    Managing Multiple Locations & Mobile Employees
·      Systems for Multiple Locations
·      How Many Time Clocks Needed

4.    Advanced Time & Attendance Functionality
·      Support for Larger Company Sizes
·      Benefit Accruals
Tracking Technology
·      Advanced Payment Capability
·      Shift Differentials
·      Pay Classes
·      Task & Labor Tracking
·      Skills & Certifications
·      Automated Alerts
·      Time-Off Management
·      Employee Communication
·      Email Templates
·      Self-Service Employee Portal
·      Mobile Support

5.    Adjunct Systems & HR Shared Services
·      HR Shared Services Best Practices
·      Vendor Lock-in
HR Management
·      Hardware Rental Programs
·      Common Adjunct Systems Include:
o   Advanced Scheduling
o   HR Management Systems
o   Employee Self-Service Portals
o   Access Control
o   Bell or Horn Control
o   Job Tracking
o   Manufacturing Automation 
6.    Delivery Model
·      Licensed Vs. SaaS Time & Attendance
·      Budgeting Considerations by Delivery Model

7.    System Interoperability & Shared Database
·      Beyond Simple File Exports to Payroll
·      Database Synchronization Between Applications
·      Hardware Interoperability
·      Integration Services

8.    Regulatory Compliance
·      FLSA, FMLA, SOX, HIPAA, FairPay Rules, & More
·      Time & Attendance Recordkeeping Requirements

9.    System Integration & Setup
·      Types of Time to be Tracked & Rates
·      Labor Calculation Rules
·      Labor Distribution (Departments, Groups, Positions, etc.)
·      Benefit Accrual Rules
·      Define System Exceptions
·      Employee & Supervisor Security Profiles
·      Schedules
·      Lunch Parameters
·      Holiday Rules
·      Payroll Integration
·      Time Clock & Hardware Communication & Integration
·      Web-Based Clocking Setup
·      Employee Information Database Import
·      Assign Employees to Appropriate Supervisor
·      System Testing
·      Training

10. Support
·      Insurance for Your Investment
·      One Call can Pay for Annual Support
·      How to Budget 

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