Friday, March 9, 2012

Save Time and Money by Optimizing Your Scheduling Process

eTOTALplan's web-based suite of predictive scheduling, attendance and forecasting software is based on leading technology that can be customized to fit your needs. 

The intelligent suite enables you to manage and track employees from anywhere at anytime, automating the scheduling process for anyone who oversees an hourly workforce or volunteers.

See below to find out how eTOTALplan can help your
organization save time and money:

Businesses: eTOTALplan enables administrators to track employee hours, budgets and overtime, resulting in lower labor costs, improved operations and increased profitability for their business or organization. 

Restaurants: eTOTALplan provides predictive scheduling that incorporate historical data, employee availability and shift preferences, plus peak day and time forecasting; eliminating unnecessary overtime and enabling managers to streamline their scheduling process.

Charitable Organizations: eTOTALplan streamlines this process by tracking volunteers’ availability, shift preferences and skills; resulting in successful fundraising events that are adequately staffed.

Government: eTOTALplan automates shift rotations and the shift/vacation bidding process; allows employees to submit schedule requests electronically; and enforces limitations on consecutive hours worked, enabling administrators to spend less time tackling scheduling issues and more time on critical operations.

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