Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Alpha Academic Services Selects eTOTALplan as Scheduling Software Provider

We are excited to announce that eTOTALplan has been selected to provide automated, workforce scheduling for Alpha Academic Services.  
“We employ multiple educators, each with a specialized teaching background, so it is important to have an efficient scheduling process,” said Meredith Brodie, Alpha Academics. “We look forward to using the eTOTALplan software, which will to enable us to guarantee that all of our students are paired with the appropriate teacher.”
Alpha Academics will utilize eTOTALplan to automate its scheduling and payroll process. The platform will enable administrators to schedule and track tutors, ensuring accurate payroll reporting at the end of each pay period. Using the online portal, staff members will be able to view upcoming classes as well as any hours previously worked. In addition to workforce scheduling and payroll reporting, eTOTALplan will also be utilized to manage student information such as registration, future appointments and all previous appointments, ensuring that they get the attention they deserve.

Click here to view the entire press release.

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